How Wondrously
We Are Made!

The Bible says the tongue is our smallest part,
with it we can pray and uplift our brothers.
Better still, with the tongue we praise God,
and worship Him above all others! 
Yes, our tongue is such a little thing
to give us so much trouble...
just when we think it can't get worse...
another word makes our troubles,double!
Now our eyes are very wondrous...
for with them,our loved ones we can see.
Without our eyes we'd soon find out just
how very dark our world could be!
Yes, our eyes are wondrous things,
but if we choose to look on evil to see
the things of this world, then they will
lead us to live a life as hopeless as can be!
Consider the ears...them being
attached to each side of our head.
Without them we'd live in silence...
that's a state I'd truly dread!
Yes, our ears are very conveniently
placed, so we can hear all that being said.
If we choose to listen to the wrong voices,
all kinds of evil will fall upon our heads!
Our hands are...well, very handy
...and that I can't deny.
For at least a thousand things
each day on them I do rely!
How true it is that our hands are handy!
Without them it would be hard to get by,
but if we reach for harmful things,
someday we'll have great cause to cry.
We also have a pair of feet...
usually resting on the floor.
Without them how very hard it
would be to even get out the door!
Our feet are indeed wonderful to have
to help us go about this world to explore.
Some places they can take us...well, hopefully,
we soon learn not to go there, anymore!
Our bodies consist of  many parts,
and all of them miraculously made.
God must have thought so, too, for after
creating us, He rested in the shade!
Yes, our bodies are the Temple of God,
but when we choose to do evil and trade
that temple for the house of the devil...a lesser
God would be sorry that we'd ever been made!
I thank our Heavenly Father above
for creating us in such a way,
that we can see and taste, feel and walk about
this place He made for us to temporarily stay!
Virginia Archer