Will You?
At the appointed time in history
the future Messiah came...
born of the Virgin Mary
to be the King of Kings!
Neither His birth nor His life
was what the Jews expected,
therefore, by most of them,
He Immediately was rejected.
He didn't come to rule the land
or set up an earthly kingdom.
Nor to break the power of Rome...
thus bringing their coveted freedom.
Instead He came into the world
so the spiritually blind could see ...
His salvation is for all mankind
...including you and me!
He didn't give them what they wanted
so they decided He must die.
This heresy that He was
the Son of God, had to be a lie.
The grave couldn't hold Him
and on the third day He arose...
soon appearing several times
to the select few that He chose.
These began spreading the Good News
...receiving The Spirit changed their behavior...
so the question then, and still is now,
will you receive Jesus Christ as your Savior?
Virginia Archer

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