When the darkening shadows
creep in to your life,
when all around you
is chaos and strife,
turn your eyes to Jesus,
He, alone can give you peace.
Peace that will give you
great joy and a sweet release.
When your problems become so
great they seem unindurable,
when your daily routine
appears to be un-do-able,
Jesus is The One to call on
and He will save the day.
For He is The Truth,
The Life, and The Way!
When you've been up
and are now way down,
when the simplest thing
brings on another frown,
all you need do is
call out Jesus' Name
and He will help
you get "up" again!
When you have come to
believe all this, and
you truly know Jesus
as Savior and Friend,
then He will give you
joy unspeakable,
and the mountaintops that
were once unreachable!
Virginia Archer

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