Watching the Sun Rise

When the sun was peeping over the
neighboring trees and I chanced to be awake,
I stepped out my kitchen door
to see what pictures I might take.
The vivid colors of the sunrise were
reaching toward the west,
but those just above me
were the ones I liked the best.
There, right above the live oak tree,
was what looked like orange fingers!
I had never seen anything like it,
so I naturally wanted to linger!

With a bit of imagination,
I can see the Hand of God.
If you think as I do, you
won't think me terribly odd!
After clicking pix around the yard,
to my left was a solitary bird.
The song he sang to the sunrise
was as lovely as any I've heard!

He  seemed to be enjoying
the sunrise just as much as I.
So with the bird in the tree, and I by the door,
we watched the changing colors in the sky.
All good things seem to come to
an end and I was getting cold,
so I decided to go back to bed, hoping
some day another sunrise I could behold.
Virginia Archer

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