Here I Am in My Twilight
Well, here I am in the twilight of my life
wondering exactly where the years went.
How I could have possibly lived this long,
and how was all that time spent?
Yes, even though twilight is here,
I’ve never thought much about being old.
Nor that I would get here so quickly,
while living those youthful days of gold.
It doesn’t seem that long ago
when life was all roses with no cares.
Well, actually there were some valleys,
between the mountaintops of those years.
But through it all, God was by my side
...whether valleys or mountain tops...
His angels were watching over me
with a care that never stops!
So far, twilight isn’t so bad...
with my health and memories intact,
each day can be a new adventure,
just waiting for me to see that fact!
Virginia Archer
♥ ♥ ♥
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