On the road of life we'll find
there are many forks and turns.
Which of these is best to travel
is something we each have to learn. 
One fork may be very well traveled,
but we soon find it to be a dead end,
fraught with all kinds of dangers
which lurk just around each bend.
It will soon lead to heartache that can
change the whole course of one's life.
Making the wrong choices on this road
 will only lead to sorrow and strife.
The less traveled Road may not seem
as appealing as some of the others,
but along the way we will find many
who become our sisters and brothers.
No, this Road won't always be easy
for the evil one is always there,
forever trying to redirect our path to
the more traveled road that leads nowhere!
So keep your eyes on the Lord, for the
 Goal He's set has been made reachable.
The end of this Road will lead to that
Place of Glory and Joy Unspeakable!
Virginia Archer

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