What's for Supper?

I've been thinking about how easy it is to get away from the Lord.

How so many things get in the way of worship and studying His Word. 

Consider the sheep, if you will, they never mean to go astray.

They just set out to satisfy their hunger and next thing you know,

they've lost their way! They nibble one bunch of grass and then another,

trying to fill their need. Before they realize how far they've gone,

they wind up in a patch of weeds! 

So it can be with Believers who start out on fire and reliable.

Soon the cares of pleasure of life, crowd out the

time they once spent studying the Bible. Of course it's the evil one's intent to

fill your life with things that seem to be good.

When you realize they aren't the best, you're too busy to do those things

you know you really should. So, if you should ever come to that place where

you realize you're dining on weeds, resolve to come back to your first love ....

He'll give you the best of everything you'll ever need!

~ Virginia Archer   06 - 10

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