Growing up, I thought my life
pretty uninteresting and humdrum,
but now that I'm recording my memories,
I find  some of them quite adverturesome!
We all have our memories...
those little vignettes from our past.
It might have been fifty years ago, or
yesterday, when we saw a loved one last.
Coming from such a large family, someone
could always think of something to do.
It might not start out as much fun, but usually
wound up being hilarious before we were thru'!
The memory might be a trip to Grandma's
house or going to visit a neighbor.
Or maybe working a jigsaw puzzle,
during a spell of stormy weather.
I remember Mama reading Zane Grey
books with us sitting around the floor.
They’re still in my  bookcase and I sometimes
take them out to read once more.
I like to remember a 4th of July picnic and the time
Daddy took us swimming in someone else's creek.
Then there's those nights we were outside til
after ten  ...all of us playing hide-n-seek.
Sitting by the fireplace in the winter time,
eating the popcorn we'd grown, and playing "I Spy"
or " Hully-Gully"... we had so much fun
we'd be surprised how quickly the hours went by.
When I was very young, our light was from
coal oil lamps, and our only heat, the fireplace.
I never knew we were poor back then,
and knowing we were loved gave me peace!
However old they may be,
memories are our little treasures,
to be taken out and relived,
 times without measure!
And I do.
Virginia Archer

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