What Price Freedom
The mighty eagle glides high above
the plain on the barely moving of air,
symbolizing our hard won freedom
as he floats unfettered up there.
Freedom won at Valley Forge and New
Orleans through fierce battles of war.
And later fighting in Europe  and Japan,
showing the world just who we are.
Now in Iraq and Afghanistan, fighting
to keep terrorism from our shores,
praying that in the future we'll have
peace in our country once more.
True, freedom must always be guarded
with our vigilance and our prayers,
lest some enemy comes from without
or within trying to take us unaware.
To be free there must be sacrifice,
but what are we willing to pay
for the freedom to worship our
God and live The American Way?
If asked to send our sons or daughters
into battle where they might die,
even if it brought freedom to others,
would we think the price too high?
What Price Freedom?
Virginia Archer

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