Above painting by Virginia Archer

Chapter One

The Brook in the Meadow

In this writer's imagination lives

Genji and her Shadow.

They liked to go exploring each day

near the brook in the meadow.

Genji was just six years old and

the dog was maybe ten.

Everywhere the little girl went, on Shadow

being there you could depend.

So they wandered far and near,

this little girl and her dog.

On their more adventuresome days

they even crossed over the log. 

On the other side of the brook there

were many wonders to explore ...

whether a lady bug, or a pretty flower,

these two never asked for more.

They sometimes chanced to find a

lizard or another time a bunny.

Just watching the girl and dog chasing after

either of them could be very funny!

They lived with her Mama, Papa and little

Benjy in a cabin at the edge of the trees.

As long as they stayed in her Mama's sight,

they could wander as they please.

So that's the way they spend their days,

this little girl and her Shadow,

exploring all the things God put there for them

to find near the brook in the meadow.

~ Virginia Archer -- 04-10


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