Another Year is Ending
Here it is the end of the year and
I'm wondering where 2011 went.
In a few hours it will be gone, and I'm
remembering just how it was spent!
Did I try to be more patient?
Did I grow closer to my Lord?
Did I succeed in being a better friend?
Did I always keep my word?
Did I lose that twenty pounds?
Did I better spend my days?
Did I show people I'm a Christian?
Did I try to change my selfish ways?
Did I get involved in life around me?
Did I seek a better way to live?
Did I benefit from my failures?
Did I learn how to forgive?
Sadly, I admit that I failed in
a bunch of these things I've listed.
I can now see some of those failures,
I most surely should have resisted!
But, thank God I didn't fail in all
...thereby creating a better life.
Yes, I know if I had tried harder,
I could’ve avoided a lot of strife!
So now 2012 is beginning and
I can start anew from here.
By trying harder, I can do better
in this, the coming new year!
Well, I Could!!
Virginia Archer