Visiting Mrs. Love
When I was just a little kid,
and the big kids went to school,
I'd walk to my neighbor house...
now that was really "cool".
Her name was Mrs. Love,
and love what what she gave.
She was just like a Grandma to me...
the best Grandma a little girl could have!
So after I'd had my breakfast
and Mama said OK,
I'd start to Mrs. Love's house,
picking flowers on the way.
There was a fence I had to cross
when I was nearly there.
I was too little to open the gate,
so I'd climb between the wires.
I'd try to be very careful,
so I wouldn't tear my dress.
But if I did, Mrs. Love would fix it...
so there was no reason for distress!
That was nearly seventy years ago,
and I thank my God above,
for all those happy days I spent
Visiting Mrs. Love!

Meet Mr. love 
You've already met Mrs. Love...
now it's time to meet the Mister.
So I will relate a tale
that will clearly define his character.
Imagine if you will, four of us kids
sitting high above the road
in the big old walnut tree
which grew beside the field we'd just hoed.
We were throwing those walnuts around,
sometimes really far...
when someone said "Look out now,
here comes a car."
So walnuts in hand, taking careful aim
my two brothers quietly sat...
dropping the walnuts at the exact right time
they hit that windshield with a big Splat, Splat!
We laughed so hard we had to
hang on to that limb up above...
then that old car stopped, the door flew open
and out jumped Mr. Love!
Without hesitation he proceeded
to tell us we were very, very bad..
and his parting words as he climbed back in his car..
"I'm going to tell you Dad"!
After several days of the terrible waiting
we knew we'd had our punishment already.
For you see, softhearted Mr. Love
never did tell our Daddy!
In later years I came to believe that
when humor his anger had overcome
he called to Mrs. Love to come and see
what those crazy kids did to me on the way home!
Virginia Archer

Walnuts in their early stages are about the size of a
tennis ball having a green outer shell that is
semi soft. When dropped on a car windshield from 10-12
feet above, makes a really big Splat.