It Happened On a Washday

The summer when I was four ...
that's when the neighbor's kid
shot a hole in the  kitchen door!
Now Daddy's shotgun was always loaded and
leaned against the living room door frame ...
we kids knew better than to touch it... 
if we did, well, we'd never do THAT again! .
We hadn't had the washing machine very long
so Daddy hadn't yet built the wash house.
That's why Mama was on the porch, doing the
laundry outside the said door on the south.
The visiting kid who had come that day
had always thought meddling was fun.
When he reached for it, my sister told him
it was loaded and not to pick up the gun!
Well, no matter what she said him,
 he wouldn't put it back ...
  instead he waved that shotgun around like
a soldier getting ready for an attack!
The noise from the washer kept Mama
from hearing what was being said.
If my sister hadn't pushed me back, the shot would
have taken two inches off the top of my head!
Mama rushed in; the kid took off...
so fearful of his fate,
he went between the wires of the
back fence instead of opening the gate!
Daddy  covered the hole in the door
with the a tin can lid and some nails.
You know, if my sister hadn't pushed me behind her
that day, I wouldn't be here to tell this tale!
Virginia Archer

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