My Grandpa
Sitting on the floor were grand kids
of every shape and size,
all of us looking up at Grandpa
with expectant, sparkling eyes.
Tell us a story about the olden days,
back when you were young...
about something that will scare us...
or sing some of the songs you once sung.
He said, I don't know about scaring you,
but I'll tell about how things used to be,
about life in the country and about how
it was growing up for Grandma and me.
So he began to tell about seeing
a ghostly figure one night in the woods.
A figure that nobody ever explained
and I don't think they ever could.
Then there was the black panther
that roamed through the night,
whose cry sounded like a woman in pain
...believe me, it was a dreaded sound and sight!
And so the evening went..
retelling tales we'd mostly heard before,
still when it was time for bed, we were
still begging, Grandpa, Tell us one more!
And Grandpa usually did!
Virginia Archer