The Day I Got Dunked
When I was just a little kid,
maybe three or four years old,
we were spending time at the creek
even though it was pretty cold.
The bigger kids were fishing,
but I was just having fun.
All those sloping creek banks
were a very good place to run.
I'd stopped to watch the fishing
and was standing on a ledge.
It was really just a flat rock
hanging out over the water's edge.
I had stood on that rock before,
 looking down at the creek,
but this time was once too many, for
the ledge had somehow become weak.
So there I was enjoying myself,
probably jumping all around,
when the ledge gave way and that big
rock and I both went tumbling down!
You could have heard me screech for
a mile when that rock began to sink,
and I was up to my neck in very cold
water before I could even blink!
The others somehow pulled me
out, and my teeth began to chatter,
so they needed to get me to the house
 and nothing else seemed to matter.
The creek is about a quarter
mile away, and all of that uphill,
but they knew they had to get
me warm before I took a chill.
Somehow my sister four years older
than me was elected to get me there.
I just knew I wanted Mama and how
that came about, well, I didn't really care!
We started out with me still shaking
 and her carrying me in her arms.
I never thought about getting her
wet...I just wanted to get me warm!
I don't remember getting to the house
or even what happened thereafter.
I now know this was only one of the
many times I was rescued by my sister!

Virginia Archer

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