The Bicycle 

On our farm we had many crops.
There was corn and hay and maise
...all used to feed the cows and pigs,
chickens and turkeys that we also raised.
In addition, there were also the cash crops.
In the summer, fruit, melons and honey.
In the Fall, cotton, peanuts and pecans
...all these to earn spending money.
Most of the summer crops were
sold by 'peddling' on the square.
Not everyone had the money to pay, so
Daddy would make a trade that was fair.
Over the years he brought home various
items...all of which proved  useful,
but one day he brought home, of all things,
an old,ugly, beat up, beautiful, bicycle!!
Now with one bicycle and a house
full of kids, we very soon learned
there was only one way to be fair
...we'd all just have to take turns.
Never having had a bike before,
there was no way I could ride it.
Nevertheless, I always took my turn, even if
all I could do was walk along beside it!
This went on for a week or two,
with me "riding" hanging onto the fence.
One day Daddy, seeing my dilemma, grabbed the
seat, gave me a push, and suddenly away I went!
I had been trying for weeks, it seemed,
to learn how to ride that bike with Daddy's help, in about ten
seconds time, I could ride anywhere I liked!

And I did!!
Virginia Archer