As I Grow Older
I've learned that all of life is choices.
Happiness is a choice, I find...
a choice more precious than all
the gold in King Solomon's Mine!
I can choose to be happy or I can
choose to be miserable.
The impact of this choice on my
 life, will be quite considerable.
I've learned that " Joy Unspeakable"
is a wonderful promise from God.
When I don't have that Joy, I'm
 carrying around a mighty heavy load!
Here again I have a choice...
to accept that Joy or live without it.
If I choose not to accept, then I'll be most
miserable...and there's no doubt about it!
Another choice that needs to be
made is to always love one another.
We've broken the second greatest commandment
when we refuse to love our brother.
Yes, I've learned that all of life is choices.
By not being happy, joyful, and loving,
I'm totally failing to live the kind
of life that God wants me to be living.
So I choose to embrace all three...
even when life isn't exactly like I want.
You see, I've lived the other way, so
I know how empty my life is when I don't!
Now, I don't always stick to these choices
...still clinging to my old humaness...
So, I pray that as I go along, I will grow
more and more into Jesus' likeness.

Virginia Archer