My Daddy

When I was still very small
sitting on my Daddy's knee,
I remember giggling helplessly
whenever he 'whiskered' me.
He never did it very hard...
not enough to scrape my skin...
just enough to let me know I was
loved by the one whose lap I was in. 
He didn't always show his
love when I got little older.
Thinking back, he might have
done, if I had been a little bolder.
Daddy wasn't a learned man...
I think he finished fifth grade...
but he couldn't have cared for us
better, if a 'professor' he had made!
He was born on a farm and
worked on one almost all his life.
But he did briefly take different job 
to support his daughter and wife.
Even when Daddy didn't show his
love, we could always tell it was there.
And we knew we could depend
on him...anytime...anywhere!
And we did!
Virginia Archer

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