Christy's Cake decorated with

all her top favorite things!

(Top/trip to Hawaii, Coach purse)

(Below/scrabble, cheerleader pom poms and trip to California, Gold Gate Bridge)

(Below/cell phone, shopping and trip to New York City)

Below, NY and her two best friends, Patty and Carrie

My granddaughter Madison

with more birthday balloons!

Christy top, and below she is with some good friends

My son and my daughter-in-law Christy,

Madison on left - Morgan on the right at the party

As a social time-passer my son had 3 gambling tables brought in with

very nice people to help those who were not familiar -- no real money

involved, everyone was given vouchers/play money and turned those in

for 5 chips each. At the end of the evening - vouchers and chips left

were turned in for raffle tickets with chances to win 4 different gift cards.

What a great idea and chances for guests to receive

gifts tooo!

I am ready for Vegas now! 

A really nice time with the best of everything.

Good food, good drinks, family and friends!

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