O, Joyous Day
O, Joyous Day!  The Christ is born!
...Look in the stable, not in the inn.
He's come to bear our burdens
and forgive us all our sins!
The Magi came from far away,
the shepherds from the nearby field.
The Wise Ones  bearing costly gifts,
...the shepherds just came to kneel!
O, Joyous Day! our Savior has come!
Let all nations be of good cheer!
He's come to save us one and all,
so there's never a need to fear!
Whether rich or poor, come to Jesus
 and there you will be met.
You're welcomed when bringing gifts,
...if you have none, do not fret!
No matter who you are,
Jesus will gather you into the Fold.
A hardened sinner or a little child,
He’ll welcome you, one and all!
O, Joyous Day! Our Savior is HERE!!!
Virginia Archer