Chapter Two ...

The Playhouse in the Woods

Again in this writer's imagination, Benjy now six,

follows Genji like a second Shadow. The three of them spend their

time venturing even further away than the brook in the meadow. 

Papa had built a playhouse for them deep in the nearby woods,

and that's where they spent their Summer days as often as they could.

This playhouse happened to be in a tree and presented quite

a climb, but this never slowed either of them down as they shinnied up that tree each time.

In that high, secluded nook where their imagination could run free,

they sailed on pirate ships and floated on clouds and had many other adventures far, far from that tree.

Of course, Shadow was too old to climb the tree, and

since he is a dog, I seriously doubt he ever could. but while the children adventured,

he stood guard under the tree that held the playhouse in the woods.

Virginia - 04-10

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