Chapter Three ....


Shadow raced across the meadow in hot pursuit of a rabbit,

with the two kids following close behind, as was their usual habit.

The rabbit made it safely to the woods and quickly hid in the thorn bush.

The kids came puffing up to ask Shadow, what was the rush!

With tongue lolling to the side, the dog seemed to say, that was really fun!

It always does a body good to have a daily run!

Being all boy, Benjy's attention quickly turned to other things,

wondering what great adventures a day in the woods might bring.

Genji being a girl, wanted to go to the tree house, so she was thinking otherwise.

But since Mama insisted they stay together, she knew they must compromise.

So they followed Shadow through the woods and let their imaginations run free.

They were chased by Indians, arrested bandits, and

eventually wound up at the playhouse in the tree.

After shinning up the house, they settled down in the safest place in the woods.

For no outlaws or lions ever found them there

and with Shadow on guard they never could.

From their lofty perch they laughed and decided the tree house

was a great place to hide, never giving thought to the fact

Mama didn't worry about them as long as Shadow was by their side.

Virginia Archer - 04-10

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