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All of us have unique talents and gifts. No obstacle, be

it physical, mental or emotional, has the power to

destroy our innate creative energies.

QUOTED BY: Liane Cordes

Quoted by: Olive Schreiner

Wisdom never kicks at the iron walls it

can't bring down.

Lessons to learn are never easy it seems. But they do

ease our way down the roads of life. Better

days can always begin today. Just allow them.

God placed us all on the same level, just as the same level of a fence row. 

Never believe or think you are better than anyone else, nor allow anyone

else to make you feel you are not as equal. Maybe in different ways, but

bottom line ..... we all were created equal.

Humming-bird Moth

Cut Flower Tip:

Extend the indoor life of your cut flowers

by putting them in a solution that is one part water,

one part clear soft drink (such as 7-Up, Sprite, etc.),

and a few drops chlorine bleach.

From the Farmer's Almanac

Angel Food Cake - Lemon Filling 

1 store bought angel food cake 

1 carton lemon flavored yogurt 

1 can lemon pie filling 

16 oz. Cool Whip 

Mix lemon pie filling and lemon yogurt together. 

Cut angel food cake into three (3) layers. Spread mixture on 

top of each layer, except for the top. (You could if you want to) 

Spread regular Cool Whip around sides (in and out) and on top. 

Place in refrigerator -keep cool. If using Lite Cool Whip, do not put 

on until last minute as it has a tendency to break down and run.



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 Terribly hot here in Ohio today. Hottest day this week. The

high to be 97 with heat index ranging from 105 to 115 and terrible humidity.

I believe I will be finding something inside to do today,

and that is never a problem, but love working outside.

Everyone stay safe, keep cool and be aware of everything

and everyone around you. Thanks for visiting, please come back

tomorrow as I welcome in the weekend.

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