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Enjoy sleeping animals


The most important lesson we have to learn, the lesson that will

help eliminate all of our pain and struggles, is to receive fully that

which is offered in each moment of our lives and deal with it.

The highs will pass away, just as will the lows. They do visit us purposefully.

Give them their freedom and find yours as well ...

All we can be certain of is having the moment we presently are

experiencing. And it is a gift to be enjoyed. There is no better gift

just right for us than this moment, at this time.

Step into life today. It can become a habit daily.

Life really does have a lot to offer us, and while

you are at it,make it one you will never want to break.

Flowers are food for the soul

Strawberry & Banana Smoothies

2 pkgs (10-oz ea) frozen sliced strawberries in syrup

2 pkgs (8-oz ea) strawberry yogurt

1 ripe banana - peeled

1 cup milk

Blend in blender all ingredients until smooth & creamy

Pour into individual glasses & serve immediately.

Makes 4 servings depending on size of glasses.


Keep in bathroom.

They make great razor nick fixers

and handy for small clean-up ...


Get your own Digital Clock

Have a good day everyone!

Please visit again tomorrow.

Be safe and always aware of everything

and everyone around you.


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