Accept that your past mistakes may

have put you into the situation you are in, but

quickly acknowledge the greater truth

that your past mistakes, now forgiven by God,

do not need to impact the decisions or

choices you will make in the future.

Apology is a lovely perfume;

it can transform the clumsiest

moment into a gracious gift. 

Carve your name on hearts,

not on marble.

Make Ahead Salad

Cucumber slices

Onion slices. Break rings apart of slices

Dice a tomato

Mushrooms sliced, halved or whole

Cover all items with Italian dressing that

has a couple packets of sweet and low mixed

into it. Zesty Italian is recommended as

it is the cook's choice. Marinate in

refrigerator at least 24 hours.

WASHINGTON - Saying that "this is the beginning"

of his effort to "wind down this war,"

President Barack Obama announced last night

that he would remove 10,000 U.S. soldiers

from Afghanistan by the end of this year

and an additional 23,000 by next summer.


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Thank you all for joining me today - please come back tomorrow

for another visit as I welcome in the weekend. Be safe and always

be aware of everything and everyone around you. Enjoy this day,

it is a gift, you just need to simply open it.

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