Experience can't prepare us for the ramifications of a new

change. But, the trust in friends, and our faith in the spiritual

process of life can and will see us through whatever comes.

God will usually try and get your attention most every day, to direct your energies

to make the most of your special talents. Do be aware.

We all can think of the times - perhaps only yesterday when we listened to a friend

in need, or finished a task that was nagging at us. Maybe we made an appointment to begin

a project we've been putting off. Success is taking positive

action, nothing more ....

Every person, and every situation can add to your success!

Your attitude also can help someone succeed ....

These sound so good!

Heaven help us...LOL!

1/2 bag frozen tater tots, about 40 pieces

1 pound sliced, lean bacon, about 20 slices

Preheat oven to 425.

Cut bacon strips in half making 2 equal size pieces, about 4 inches

each. Place a tater tot on the end of the half-strip of bacon and roll
it around the tot, slightly overlapping by 1/2 inch. Cut off any
excess bacon. Pierce with a toothpick and place bacon wrapped tot on a
baking sheet. Bake until the bacon is crispy, about 15-20 minutes.


Soak toothpicks in a bowl of water

before sticking into the tots and hot oven.



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I do hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was very nice and enjoyed

the time I spent with my Dad. Thanks for visiting my page today and I hope you

will return tomorrow as I officially welcome in SUMMER! Enjoy this day, be

safe and always aware of everything and everyone around you.

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