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Old Rugged Cross by

Floyd Cramer

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The prize we each have been given is our ability to offer

full and interested attention to people seeking our counsel.

And seldom does a day pass that we aren't given the

opportunity to listen, to nurture, to offer hope where

it's been dashed ....

Emotional well-being is enhanced each time we share

ourselves -- our stories or our attentive ears. We all need to be

a part of someone else's pain AND growth in order to make use of

the pain that we have grown beyond. Pain has its purpose in each of

our lives. And -- in the lives of our friends, too. It's our

connection to one another, the bridge that closes the gap.

Secrets are okay, but they do tend to keep us sick.

Listen today and share and be well ....

Each one of us needs to learn that we deserve success. The good things

that do come to us, and also that pain is a reality. Believe in yourself

and that you do have the strength to deal with any

pain handed you without medicating, and it will pass .....

Royal Wedding Spoof

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Crockpot Mushrooms

Add to a crock pot:

12 oz. fresh whole button mushrooms, cleaned
1/2 up butter, melted
one .7 oz. pkg. Italian dressing mix

Cover, cook on high heat setting 1 hour, or on low

heat setting 1 1/2 hours. Turn occasionally while cooking.

To serve: insert toothpick into each mushroom, if desired.

Serve hot.

All the earth shall worship You

And sing praises to You;

They shall sing praises to Your name.

Psalm 66:4

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 Thank you all for visiting my page again today. Please join me tomorrow

as I continue to celebrate and decorate for Easter. May you all have a great

day filled with good things to warm the heart. Be safe and always

aware of everything and everyone around you.




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