My Ohio weather,

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Glen Campbell - Try A Little Kindness  

New poems added to Virginia's Poetry

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Today's pictures will also include the thoughts/quotes for today

The next two pictures I snapped while in passing while on

our Amish trip on Saturday. Such peaceful people


We are now gearing up for those Easter baskets.

Taking orders for Easter, place them early for

guaranteed delivery! What a treat for those

SPECIAL people  - homemade caramels

and chocolate peanut clusters! Give them


Onion Burgers

2 lbs ground beef

1/2 cup of water

1 tsp salt

1 pkg onion soup mix

Mix together all ingredients,

form into patties and fry or grill

 I hope everyone had a good weekend. Can't believe we are now into the final

week of March. I want to welcome all new members, and extend a huge thank you for all the

wonderful comments regarding my granddaughter. I am glad you joined me again today.

I welcome you to share my website and pages with friends and families and I thank you

for doing so. Please do join me again tomorrow. Have a great day and remember to

be safe and always be aware of everything and everyone around you.

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