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Calendars Today by Lois

~ November 6th, 2011 ~

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine,
freedom and a little flower.
~ Hans Christian Anderson

Old Gas Station For Today

Ford Sales and Service
Just look at all those Model T's ! You could have one in any color
you wanted as long as it was black - ha! Henry Ford chose black because
it was the fastest drying color they say.


Everything that occurs in your life is part
of God's plan to wake you up. 

What is life? 
It is the flash of a firefly in the night. 
is the breath of a buffalo in the wintertime. 
It is the little shadow which runs across
the grass and loses itself in the sunset. 
~Crowfoot, 1890, as quoted in
Catch the Whisper of the Wind
compiled by Cheewa James

Wars and elections are both too big and
too small to matter in the long run. 
The daily work - that goes on, it adds up. 
~Barbara Kingsolver

Be glad of life because it gives you the chance
to love and to work and to play and
to look up at the stars. 
~Henry Van Dyke

Life is a ticket to the
greatest show on earth. 
~Martin H. Fischer

In this shortcut for classic Shepherd's Pie, instead of beef,

use cubed cooked chicken. Everything cooks up

quickly in a skillet, which makes this Spooky Shepherd's Pie

topped with ghostly dollops of mashed potatoes

a perfect year-round main dish.

Serves: about 5

Cooking Time: 5 min

2 cups cubed cooked chicken (see Tip below)
  • 1 (16-ounce) package frozen mixed vegetables, thawed and drained with 12 peas reserved
  • 1 (10-3/4-ounce) can condensed cream of chicken soup
  • 1/2 cup milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/4 teaspoon black pepper
  • 4 cups hot mashed potatoes (instant or leftover)
  1. In a large skillet, over high heat, combine all ingredients except potatoes and reserved peas; mix well. Cook 5 to 8 minutes or until heated through stirring frequently. Remove from heat and top with 6 dollops of potatoes to form ghost shapes. Place 2 peas in each dollop of potatoes to form eyes on the ghosts.(see photo). Serve immediately. 
Tips & Or suggestions
  • Use leftover chicken here or turn to the deli case for a thick-cut turkey breast,
  • or a good canned chicken. Gosh! A crunchy salad would go well with this dish.
  • YUM!

Today will conclude my Fall shares with scriptures. I now will be sharing just
touches of Fall with Thanksgiving graphics which will include scriptures to go with
the changing of the seasons and months. A huge thank you to a friend who
makes these for me. If you would like to comment - please leave a note for her in
my guest book located at the top of the page. I am sure she spends a lot of time on these and would really enjoy any comments.
Thank you

I like American - made!


Thank you for joining me this last full week of October, 2011.
Can you believe it is almost
November! Wow! The holiday season is approaching. The hubby, myself and his sisters are traveling to Shanksville, Pennsylvania Saturday to visit the National Memorial for the 911 victims from flight 93.
We are hoping for good weather and trees
that have not shed their colorful leaves yet. So, here is wishing  you all will have a good weekend and that you will have the opportunity to enjoy family and or friends. Unwind and enjoy. Please join me Monday for a page filled with Halloween. Be safe - be always aware of everything and everyone around you.



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